Safe Kids & Neighborhoods – Tips For Parents

It is a fact of life in the times in which we live, no neighbourhood is completely immune to crime, leaving you wondering are you really safe? However there are things that you can do to make your neighbourhood safer for everyone.

Following are some tips that will go a long way to making sure we live as safe as is possible.


1. At all times, know where your children are. Pretty simple tip but so necessary if you wish to keep a rein on your children’s boundaries. Make sure your kids ask permission before going to play at friends houses or before they leave the house for any reason. Get your kids to recite their own phone number and address should they get lost at any time. Your cell phone is the best number for them to remember since most of us are mobile these days often home phones can go unanswered for a length of time.

2. Tell your children where you are and how they can reach you at all times. This gives them a secure boundary to know you will be where you say you.

3. Identify to your children a safe house in the neighbourhood that they can go to in times of not being able to get to their own home. Pick a friend’s house or trustworthy neighbour who they can turn to for help. Let them know that other places such as stores, service stations, libraries or police stations are safe houses too.

4. Get acquainted with your children’s friends parents or guardians. Keep their phone numbers on your phone or index to call them if you are unsure of where your children are. Make sure that if they have dangerous activities such as swimming pools or spa’s that they are supervised when your children are at their place.

5. Teach your children well when it comes to bullying issues. They need to be taught that picking on others for any reason can be very intimidating and they need to remember the Golden Rule – do to others what you would like them to do to you. Let them know if they are bullied then they can talk to you about it and not feel powerless to stop the bully. Encourage them to understand that bullies are weak people who attack others to make themselves feel better and when they are confronted by parents, teachers or others in authority things can be done to stop the bullying.

6. Keep good control of computers that your children have access to and limit the amount of time they spend on the internet. Cyberbullying is a real problem and just like tip 5, kids need to know there are things you can do to stop bullies online as well.

7. Work together with your neighbours to ensure a safer neighbourhood. Help each other to keep the appearance of someone always there even when neighbours go on vacation. Bringing in the newspaper or mail can be a positive single that says someone is here, whereas overflowing mailboxes and newspapers stacking up on the lawn do give an invitation to criminals that no one is home.

The safer we make our neighbourhoods the safer our children will be. Follow these tips and feel free to add your own comments to help others as well.

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